Monday, January 28, 2013

Put on a happy face

This morning I woke to the brightest, bluest skies Shanghai has seen since the start of the new year. I ran to the corner for coffee and practically danced on the way home. I definitely sang, loudly and joyfully, like a one woman parade. This might sound a little odd, but honestly I see someone walking down the street singing at the top of their lungs every single day here, so I'm positive my meager musical contribution didn't turn any heads.

It is so true that you can't fully realize how bad things are until good returns, and it was only seeing this glorious blue sky that the full impact of recent weeks filled with thick, polluted air could be felt.

I'm working on an ambitious yearlong photographic art project (sorry, you'll have to wait a year to hear more about it), but I happen to have a photo of the sky earlier this month to compare with a photo of the sky today, and it's quite remarkable. No, those aren't grey rain clouds in the top photo, it's particles of pollution blocking the sunlight. Yuck. Seeing that, you can understand why the loud, joyful song was necessary... My lungs couldn't help themselves, being fed as they were with the cleanest air they've had all year!

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