Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Internet Troubles

Hey everyone, sorry that yesterday's photo didn't show up. I've tried to fix it. We've been pretty much without internet access all week long, so if I can't do it on my iPhone with the wifi turned off using the 3G service only, I pretty much can't do it. And I guess this time uploading a photo on my little pocket computer was in the can't do it column. Just had the internet guru out to assess the problem and it's going to take a little more work before things are smooth sailing again. I had a brief moment of slight functioning on the desktop and I quickly took down the photo and put it back up again, and it sorta looks like it might be working. You tell me. Head on back to yesterday and let me know! Thanks for the patience (and oh how I wish I had more of it!).

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  1. fwiw, I read your post yesterday and the photo came through just fine. Big sympathy to you - we had some problems with pollution a few weeks ago - all the kiddos were wearing face masks during recess - but usually our big problems occur during Yellow Dust season in the spring. Have had you in mind lately as we're planning a long weekend trip to HK/Macau over Lunar New Year and am trying to decide where to go and what to see - although, as I mentioned before - we won't be going to Disney. ; ) We'd planned on taking a day trip to Macau while we we're there, but now we're 2nd-guessing ourselves - someone told us it's just a bunch of casinos and not worth the time. What I've read/heard is different, but figured you might be able to give me another perspective. If you get (reliable) connectivity before Feb 7th,would love to hear your opinion, either here in comments or on my recent post asking for input about Hong Kong. Hope your interwebs troubles are resolved soon!


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