Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ginger Fresh

In America, the most popular scent of dishwashing detergent is lemon. We like our dishes to be lemon fresh! I've found a wide variety of dishwashing detergent scents here in China. Orange is far more popular than lemon, which I don't often see unless I look in the imported section. And for $13 USD for a bottle which goes for 99 cents at the Target in America, I don't need to be washing my dishes with imported lemon fresh detergent. So I usually go with a local brand for about 99 cents. The scent which surprised me the most was ginger. I mean, here's some ginger:

Raise your hand if you look at that and think, "Wow, I want to wash my forks and spoons with that!"

Any hands up? No?

Because you totally can. See?

Personally, I love ginger. I look for opportunities to use it in my cooking. In fact, it's one of the fresh ingredients I always have on hand in my kitchen, along with shallots and garlic. Using it to clean my plates and glasses was an acquired taste. Or acquired scent I suppose. But now that I've been using it awhile, I think of it as a very warm and fresh scent, which surely leaves the dishes extra clean and sparkly in the way that Altoids curiously strong peppermints leaves your breath extra fresh and sparkly.

It also makes me a little bit hungry. And inspired to dirty up some more dishes creating something new with ginger. Hmmm. Maybe that's what the company intended all along?


  1. I love ginger and always have some in both fridge and freezer(easier for grating.) One thing I love here is a great ginger tea that our Korean friends recommended when my husband got a really bad cold last winter. It's actually sort of a syrupy concentrate that comes in a squeeze bottle and is mixed with hot water. As one of my favorite Korean bloggers says, you can feel it 'burning through the ick' as it goes down.

  2. Ginger soap? Hmmm. would love to see what that smells like? Of course you never know in China.. my friends went to China to pick up their adopted baby they were struck with an odd smell of fermented fish coming from their new baby.. they then realized that the baby was smelling like fish because she was eating fish-flavored rice cereal! LOL!


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