Tuesday, January 22, 2013

3:00 a.m.

My husband is currently hurtling through the air (safely ensconced in a comfy business class seat) on his way to a week of emergency business meetings in Los Angeles. The sad part for him is he'll get back home here in Shanghai just in time to unpack, spend a couple days in the office, repack, and then turn back around with the boys and I for our long awaited first trip back to America in nearly two years. Poor Michael!

It was a stressful weekend, as all the preparations we were making for the family vacation had to be compressed in a shorter amount of time than I expected, mainly the parts where Michael's help was required. We had dinner with him and then sent him off on the train to the airport.

I got the kids to bed, but instead of sleeping myself, I've been up placing huge orders on Old Navy, Amazon, and Drug Store.com's websites so that Michael can bring back much of what we were intending to buy in America in his two empty suitcases which have a 70lb limit, instead of the single suitcase with the 50lb limit we'll each have when we get to fly economy in February. The brilliancy of this plan is we can try on clothes in the comfort of our own home, and then bring anything that doesn't work right back to America the following week! This will save my sanity somewhat- American malls and department stores are huge and overwhelming when you've not been in them for awhile. Heck, they're huge and overwhelming even if you go every week! Or is that just for me? I'm just excited to get some new jeans, as my second favorite pair just yesterday went the way of my first favorite pair two months ago, wearing down enough that they fell apart. Sadness!

I keep checking Michael's flight status to see where he is, and the last time I checked, it looked like his flight was playing jump rope across the Pacific Ocean. Here's hoping it's a peaceful flight and I can get at least a little bit of sleep tonight...


  1. Great idea on stocking up on everything! I brought a ton of stuff for you but I'm sure you needed more!How long will he be in LA?

  2. Ooooooo business class seats! My dream and definitely on my bucket list of travel accommodations!

  3. Cez, this time around it's mainly clothes that I can return in a two week window if they don't fit, and a lot of the stuff we intended to buy in HK/Macau which we never got around to doing. Too much visiting with friends, which will ALWAYS be way more important than buying stuff! He's only there until Friday, he'll be home Saturday, and then we leave ten days later. I'm not a fan of these absolute last minute business trips (or moves for that matter)! But that's our life! Whenever we've moved overseas, the companies have always flown us business class. But any trips on our own that we have to pay for we just go economy. Flying with babies, toddlers, and children is SOOO much easier in business class! Michael and I did get to fly First Class once, on a trip to Spain that we won on the Newlywed Game television show back before kids. That was a-MAZE-ing!!!

  4. We sat right behind business class and Hannah was literally drooling as she continued to look and yearn for those seats in front of us before they pulled the curtain to separate us from them. Honestly I did too! I have grown so old that the way we travel and how we get there significantly impacts my vacation overall. Not sleeping for 14 hrs is not a great way to start a vacation! But I don't have a big company paying for comfort seats which I think the majority of the business and first class passengers have. Those seat costs are literally an arm, leg and organ!!


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