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Not hungry anymore...


My pal Patience

In America we have a ridiculous amount of giant stores that stock everything you could possibly need. Places like Target or Costco where you can do your grocery shopping for the week (including meat, dairy, bread, fresh fruit and veg as well as canned goods), fill your prescription, get a new outfit, buy a bicycle, get motor oil, and have enlargements made of your favorite vacation photo. You might end up paying a little more if you buy everything in one stop instead of shopping around, but at least you have that option. In Macau there is nothing remotely like that.

I buy my meat at the frozen meat shop, where I can get chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and sausage which is all imported from other parts if the world, frozen raw and waiting for me to thaw and cook it (though admittedly I tend not to cook meat very often). I buy my bread at a bakery, where it comes in loaves of six slices for about $1.25 USD. It is fresh each day, with no preservatives and in this humid environment it grows mo…

Location, Location, Location

My father worked in the film and television industry while I was growing up. I dabbled in it as well, banking enough money from the occasional extra gig throughout middle school to pay for my first year of college (my big claim to fame is appearing over the shoulder of John Cusack in the cult classic Say Anything). My dad only worked in and around the Los Angeles area, which doubled for just about any location throughout the world. He took particular delight in pointing out the alley in "New York" which is actually right off Grand, or street in "Japan" which is right in Downtown L.A.

Living in the Los Angeles area can be like living on a movie set. Little House on the Prairie filmed in the hills of the town I grew up in, and the spooky house from Poltergeist was a mile away from my non-famous house. The TV show Dexter regularly filmed in the last city we lived in, and our old local Home Depot shopping center was used for filming of some sort every other month. One …

Ah ha!

This explains the footprints on the toilet seats around town. And why almost all the public toilet seats are broken. People are using them all wrong.

Wait... What am I supposed to do?


She arrived!

35 hours of travel plus an unexpected overnight stay in Beijing, but she made it! Welcome to Hong Kong, Lori!

Crazy Travel: The Best Kind

Eight years ago, our family of four flew to Florida to join up with Michael's youngest sister, her husband, and their daughter, who drove down from Virginia to share a rented house for a week so we could all go to Walt Disney World.

It was late August, hurricane season, and there were plenty of warnings of storms headed our way. We figured as long as the parks were kept open, it was safe to visit them. It turned out to be a good call in the short run, as the theme parks were all empty. The smart locals stayed home boarding up their windows and buying batteries while we played. For Michael's birthday, we went to Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park, home to Dr. Seuss Land, the new Harry Potter Land, and much to the adults' delight, lots of big coasters! As the day wore on, the storm warnings grew more urgent, and though we still had a few days left on the trip, we went back to the house to see if we needed to leave on an earlier flight. After spending hours on th…

Happy Easter!

We went to church, a huge buffet brunch at one of the local casinos, then a forced photo op at the Easter Wonderland at the same casino, and now I'm getting ready to hop over to Hong Kong to collect my friend Lori who is at this very moment zooming through the air on her way from Los Angeles. In a plane, of course. She's not Superman! It's going to be a crazy fun week of sightseeing in Hong Kong and Macau.

Though we've had guests from Hong Kong, Canada, England, the Philippines, Australia, and Mainland China stay with us here in our flat, Lori is our first person coming to us straight from America. Woot! I hope you have a wonderful Easter, where ever you celebrate!

Titanic. And the Newlywed Game. And songs that go on.

Titanic originally came out in theaters back in 1997, eighteen months after Michael and I were married. Friends of ours had seen it, and demanded that we go see it too. They went and saw it a second time with us. At some point we acquired the DVD, but I never watched it a second time. I remember the merchandise craziness surrounding the film, everyone had a blue, heart-shaped piece of plastic around their necks, and suddenly empire waists were back in style again. "I'm the king of the world," entered everyday lexicon, while Celine Dion's song My Heart Will Go On  became a top hit on the radio and at karaoke bars. Celine's song always makes Michael and I giggle a little bit. Settle in and I'll tell you why...

Little known fact: Michael and I appeared on The Newlywed Game television show with Bob Eubanks in 1997. I love to travel (duh!) and knowing the grand prize on the show was a trip on a fabulous second honeymoon inspired me to force ask Michael sweetly if w…


Earlier this week Michael and I went to Hong Kong overnight for business. We left our boys in Macau (with someone, not alone!), which resulted in a parenting first for us: the first time we were both in a different country (or Special Administrative Region if you please), from our offspring. I suppose knowing we were just a one hour ferry ride (or $400 USD, 14 minute helicopter ride) away kept us from feeling any little worry that we could have.

While riding the MTR train with all the morning commuters, I saw this group of children on their way to Hong Kong Disneyland. The girls were passing the time away playing games on a tablet while the little boy, part of a different group, kept creeping closer and closer. Have you ever seen such longing?


Here's another little stand/shop in Macau. All day long the workers here make dough, shape it, fill it, and steam it in those big round baskets, then sell it for such incredibly low prices I wonder how they make any money at all. Maybe they have a handful of big clients in the hospitality or casino industries? Let's hope so. I'm reminded of how satisfying it can be to spend a day working with my hands. I wonder if this crew falls asleep at night content after a hard day's work.