Monday, December 3, 2012


On Saturday Michael and I went off to pay our mobile phone bills in person like we do each month (good grief, this is a frustrating way to have to do things! More on bills later). We pay this bill on the second floor of the local grey market (grey market = place to buy semi-legit and knock off electronics that you've heard about plus every little gadget you've never heard of but now can't live without. Bargain hard.) In front of the building there is always a large tented area selling something new each week. Once it was Lee Brand denim (most with cut labels meaning they are seconds/overruns). Another time it was a knock off of Uggs boots. Sometimes it's luggage or tennis shoes. Always a new configuration with new products. This weekend it was a Muslim food fair.

All the food at every booth was served on a long wooden stick. People could dispose of their sticks in one of several boxes placed around the perimeter. I couldn't help but be that anoying person stopping the flow of pedestrian traffic to take a photo. It's not every day you see an urban tumbleweed tall as the people passing by.

It's impossible to be bored in Shanghai. There's something new to see each and every moment!

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