Thursday, December 6, 2012

On Comet, on Cupid!

This year Santa's sleigh looks a whole lot like a suitcase, flying from San Francisco to Hong Kong. And Santa looks a whole like like dear friends of ours from seven moves ago when we lived in the city of Benjamin's birth in the San Francisco Bay Area nine years ago! So excited to get a whole bunch of products we've been without for a really long time, along with some new clothes and a few surprises for the boys which we'd said no, absolutely no to when we saw the markup price here in Shanghai.

Photo my friend sent this morning! Hope it doesn't go overweight!
Of course suitcase full of gifts aside, we are excited to see our friends. Our brief time in the San Francisco Bay Area was quite the roller coaster. We'd just moved to America from Tokyo and experienced some of the worst culture shock we've ever encountered. And then we had Benjamin, born with congenital heart disease requiring surgery when he was just days old. My friends were the safety net that kept me walking the high wire of navigating life with a medically fragile child. And look where we are today! The love and encouragement of good friends set us back on a path around the world. It will be good to see these particular friends once again, exploring Hong Kong and Macau together at Christmastime!

In other news, we received our first Christmas card yesterday, along with chocolate advent calendars for the boys from a friend in Macau. I was lamenting the cost of the advent calendars I saw here in Shanghai (well over $10 USD apiece) and she popped some in the mail from our less expensive former home to the south! What a sweet treat for the boys! Thank you friends!

My goal is to get our cards out in the next 48 hours. I send our Christmas cards from a printing company in America which addresses them and includes postage as well. Saves a few hundred dollars in postage. Just need to find a local printing press here in Shanghai for our local friends!

Back to the Christmas card workshop for this elf...


  1. It sounds like God has been so good to you. What a wonderful journey you are on. God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas

  2. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!!��

  3. Oh such good memories of chocolate Advent calendars!!! Enjoy!! <3 <3


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