Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Shanghai Christmas!

I had a pretty spectacular Christmas Eve birthday yesterday despite the fact that temperatures here were below freezing (and definitely not part of my birthday wish list!). We spent the last week in Hong Kong with a quick one day visit back in Macau, and spent every single day hugging old friends. I was willing to spend Christmas in Hong Kong, but the boys wanted to wake up Christmas morning in their own beds at home, not a hotel room, and the fact that they consider Shanghai to be home means we're doing pretty well at getting all of us settled in here.
More about today's celebrations coming later! Just wanted to pop on and share our 2012 Christmas card with all of you. The photo was taken at the Shanghai Sculpture Park in Sheshan by our friend Luke who (along with his wife Anni) came to visit us for a week last month. The sculpture is called 'Meteor' by Italian artist Riccardo Cordero. And yes, the artwork at the Park is meant to be explored and is all quite interactive. There's no disrespect in climbing around on it, most pieces were designed to encourage it!
I hope wherever you are in this world, your day today was filled with both peace and joy. Merry Christmas!

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