Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Be humble

I've done a lot in my short life. Gone a lot of places and seen a lot of things. But every day I'm reminded that there is so much more to see and do. Even with the crazy vast collection of experiences I've amassed, I don't know everything. I'm still learning. I'm a hungry student of the world, insatiably curious.

Today I was involved in a conversation with three people who were absolutely convinced of something which I knew first hand was completely incorrect. First hand, as in I was intimately involved in the creation of this large thing for over a year of my life. When I tossed out the correct information (without mentioning my background with it), they dug in even deeper and got very defensive. It was such a bizarre situation to be in. I wanted to tell them how I knew the correct information, but I also know no one likes to be told they are wrong. So I shrugged it off, as I'm no fan of conflict and this wasn't something worth rising their level of agitation over by any means. What's that saying? You can be happy or you can be right? I wanna be happy.

It's only now, hours after the fact, when my mind is replaying the conversation instead of shutting off for sleep that I realize I have surely been guilty of doing the same thing as this group was today, looking foolish in the process. Most of the time I'm the queen of research, studying something from all angles before forming an opinion or telling someone about it with great confidence. Having an iPhone changed my life because I have all the info I want immediately, wherever I am. I'm certain there have been times where I've assumed too much about something I know just a little about, and I look ridiculous trying to pass myself off as a knowledgable person about something I'm not actually all that knowledgable.

Which brings me around to this blog. It is here to show you life around the world as I experience it, raw and to the best of my ability. I'm no expert in many of the things I write about, but I am an expert at me, and hopefully my writing it down allows you to see life through my eyes. Hopefully you are entertained and keep coming back.

I don't even come close to knowing all the things that I don't know. Like I said at the beginning, every day brings something to show me there is so much out there to see or do which I haven't experienced yet. I'm grateful I have this blog and a place to record the small amount of what I do know, based on personal experience. But please let me stay humble and never trample over the person who is an actual expert in anything I'm trying to say. Because woo boy, I've been there and it's awkward.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Wandering Life blog... Tomorrow brings some toilet humor, China style. Get ready!

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