Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Maytag Delivery Man

This is not even close to the weirdest thing I've seen on the back of a bike (that would go to the guy who had about 50 tiny cages filled with live, loudly clucking chickens lashed together towering above his head and probably 20-30 dead geese hanging by their feet from the bottom row of cages), but it is typical of what I see every single day here in Shanghai. In fact, there isn't much I haven't seen lashed to a bike!

I feel bad for the guy who delivers the giant 5-gallon bottles of water for the water dispensers. He pedals a trike with a trailer along with 20+ bottles of water, delivering them and picking up the empties. My thighs complain when riding the stationary bike on the lowest setting. The water guy must have thighs of steel.

One of these days I'm just going to go sit on the curb with my camera for an hour and take a photo of everything that comes by on the back of a bike. Amazing and entertaining.

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  1. You totally need to do that (take pictures for an hour of bicycle luggage!)


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