Monday, November 19, 2012

Shanghai Falling

It's been so incredibly cold here over the last couple of weeks. If we go out after dark, it's so cold my teeth hurt and my eyes sting. This does not bode well for the coming winter if it's only November and too cold for my taste. I told Michael our next move needs to be somewhere warm year-round, like the Philippines or Thailand! He threw in "Or Turkey?" Um, no. After a quick check, it snows heavily from November to April and gets well below freezing in winter. It doesn't snow in Shanghai though, so I will cling to that silver lining. Winter in Macau was short. I don't think that will be the case here. After all, we moved here in May and it felt quite chilly for the whole first month.

It doesn't feel like there has really been a fall season here. It went from a few weeks of tolerable tee shirt weather straight to jackets. Not much transitional sweater-but-no-jacket weather. And, as directed by the guards at our complex, I finally put away the flip-flops and pulled on my other favorite choice of footwear, my tartan Doc Marten boots. Of course I adore them to pieces, but it's no fun unlacing and lacing up boots to take them on and off when going in and out of homes here. I may have to find a second-favorite type of winter footwear option that is easier to remove.

The leaves here didn't really change color. A few of them started to, and then a week ago we had a rain storm and a wind storm, and in the morning many trees which typically change color in fall were stripped bare. I still come across the occasional huge leaf on the sidewalk, like this one, which makes my US size 9 feet look absolutely tiny!

My Aussie friends are writing about how they are having lovely spring weather after a long winter, just as we are entering winter here in this hemisphere. Hmmm, maybe we can find some way to spend half the year here and half the year there, and avoid the cold altogether? I'll ponder that a bit while I go dig out the rest of the winter clothes from beneath the bed, swapping them for the tank tops and capri pants currently taking up space in my drawers. Because bare arms and ankles are so last season...


  1. As I started to read I immediately thought of your flip-flops. Sorry you had to put them away, but I love your Docs! Great photo of the leaf, too.

  2. Thanks Gerb! Michael bought them for me for Christmas a few years back when I was drooling over the green tartan and pondered aloud if I was now too old to be rocking Docs. I graqduated high school in 1993, so I think it's almost an obligation for us early 90's teens to keep wearing them no matter how old we get. At least that's my official story!


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