Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's a wonderful life

Hey you readers for whom my vivid description of humiliation at the hands of a faux Sharpie wasn't enough, demanding photos to make my humiliation complete which will live on the Internet forever... I say too bad for you! No photos exist. At least on my devices anyway. You could always check Weibo, China's version of Twitter because surely someone I passed snapped a pic surreptitiously.

After reading yesterday's post, my Dad reminded me of a photo I have of the very last day my firstborn ever took a nap. Though evidence suggests he wasn't napping so much as taking a huge thick permanent marker to every surface of the room and then stripped off his clothes and decorated himself all over. We were about seven days away from moving from Los Angeles to Hong Kong at the time, and it was not a fun conversation to have with the landlady describing how the world's shortest graffiti artist had struck the neighborhood but only got just the one room. And himself. I can't post that pic due to nudity but let's just say we knew that boy was an artist from an early age!

You win some, you lose some. Today was a winner. No markers involved, just a huge amount of wild animals. And because you haven't seen me hanging out with a wild baby animal in a few months, I thought I'd toss up my now-Sharpie-free mug making friends with a little kangaroo friend this morning. I so frequently get to have these amazing experiences that would absolutely never happen in America. My kids tend to become blasé about things because they get a virtual parade of nonstop amazing things. But I never stop waking up with a sense of wonder that this is my really, real actual life.

I'll post more about the place we visited today, never fear. Now say hello to my little friend!

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