Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some like it hot

Strange days here in Shanghai. China and Japan are standing off over a string of uninhabited rocky islands in the sea between them. People here are setting their Japanese-made cars aflame in the street in protest, and a big marathon sponsored by a Japanese brand has had the title stripped to make it sound more Chinese.

Today air raid drills were held throughout the city, with the loud alarms echoing off the buildings. The official line is that these drills are held regularly, but with the situation in the sea escalating, no one thinks it's a coincidence. I don't feel unsafe. Today there are many other places where Americans are in danger, and my heart is heavy over the recent loss of my fellow citizens abroad.

I have my own inferno swirling. I awoke feeling like I'd been sleeping under a two-ton pickup truck, pain in every joint and a raging fever. So much for long standing plans we had for today. I'm back in bed while Michael took the boys off to play.

While they're out having fun, I'm drifting in and out of feverish dreams, set against the backdrop of the view from my bed. Hello city. Sorry I can't come out and play today.

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