Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Expat Circle of Life

When we left Macau, we could not bring our stockpile of spices, salsa, dry and canned goods with us into China. Friends came and "shopped" in our kitchen taking it all off our hands so it wouldn't go to waste. The same thing happened when we left America for Macau and had to do something with the contents of our pantry.

This week it was our turn to empty the cupboards of another family leaving Shanghai who cannot bring their foodstuff with them as they move on to their next location. I came home with eight bags stuffed with all sorts of great stuff. As expensive as imported groceries are here, there was no way I'd turn down the offer! Maybe one of these days I'll master the art of using up what I have just in time for our next move. That would take some serious skills.

Sorry Lucy, nothing for you.

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