Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lost in translation

My mobile phone company seems to send me regular spam (in Chinese of course) it thinks might be of interest to me. Sometimes I run the text through Google Translate to see what it says, most of the time Google Translate doesn't really help. I need a translator to tell me what the English words, arranged in that particular order, actually mean.

This one really has me scratching my head... Thought I'd let you share in the head scratching:

"Shaoshao Integral fun in life! The bones of the dead the bowl plate 6 into groups of 150 points plus 59.9 yuan; Brita water purifier 240 points plus 199 yuan. The second half price is more and more a true discount [HOLA HOLA]"

Don't really want to eat my breakfast cereal in a "bones of the dead" bowl, but maybe I'm in the minority?

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