Sunday, September 16, 2012

And then there were two...

My poor husband never wants me to suffer by myself, so he's gone and joined me in this nasty sickness. So now we're both fevery and achey and miserable, and more than once I've moaned how much I miss my mom and wish she was here to make everything right.

Sometimes being a mom is less fun than just having a mom, especially when the mom is super sick and doesn't have the energy to protest when her kids are lost in the world of Minecraft all day instead of doing something that involves going outside in the glorious weather that has spread across Shanghai. Oh well. I'll earn my Awesome Mother badge another day.

Today is all about the hot tea in my favorite green mug and alternating Tylenol and Advil every four hours, while at least reminding the children there is bread for sandwiches and cold pizza they can heat up should they require sustenance in the midst of the Minecraft marathon. Much better day for them than me or Michael. Here's to better days!


  1. Sorry you're missing the beautiful Fall weather - looks like you are about to entertain Typhoon Sanba when we get through with it here!

    Hope copious applications of tea do the trick - the mugs alone should do wonders for your constitution. ; )

  2. Thank you! Seems like we only get blue skies in Shanghai when there's a typhoon in the area! Stay dry!


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