Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Typhoon, Shanghai Style

Shanghai has been subject to three different typhoons since Friday. The first two did nothing except bring the temperature down and give us plenty of cooling breezes. This third one however, Haikui, is a bit more powerful.

We're currently at alert level Orange (the only thing higher is red), and all public parks and schools are closed, and the river cruises have all been suspended which means the river is wide and lonely and very quiet without the normal loud sounds of the boats signaling as they pass.

We got to experience some crazy wind today as Ben and I ran to the grocery to get a few things, but not much else. I hear the rain pattering a bit on our 38th floor windows, but that's it. The windows in our flat in Macau weren't sealed so tightly and typhoons there were noisy affairs. In fact typhoons in Macau and Hong Kong were more powerful altogether, being as exposed as they are in the Pearl River Delta.

Doesn't matter though. For a family and a guest who are all native Southern Californians (except Ben, born in the San Francisco Bay), big weather is a big deal. If we manage to get to level red by morning, Michael doesn't have to go to work. A lot can happen in the night! But I'm not staying up to watch, it's far too quiet to keep me awake. We'll see what the morning brings!

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