Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Three Months

Last Friday we hit the three month mark in Shanghai. And like I wrote back here in this post, there was a flood of misery, as if on cue. Problems with the house (gas leak), issue communicating to maintenance, trying to figure out who is responsible for repairing the typhoon damage (landlord vs. maintenance vs. builder), sudden very loud construction above or below us, and a particularly long and brutal bout of insomnia were taking their toll. It certainly didn't help that I spent Friday at a farewell lunch for my two closest friends in Shanghai who are both repatriating back to their countries in the next week or two. Couple that with having to cancel a planned trip to America in October and let me tell you, tears were only a blink or two away at any given moment this past weekend. But Monday came and this week brought a flood of lunch invites with new friends.  Michael and I went over the calender to see if a trip to the US in spring might be a possibility (looks like February might work). Things will right themselves soon. They always do.

And to make sure I don't leave you on a depressing note, I'll share with you the photo from our latest change of address cards, sent out this past month. While in Thailand in May, we got to hold a four-month-old white Bengal tiger. They handed me the bottle, and that baby reached out her gigantic paw and pulled my arm close so she could get that milk. So much power! A friend of mine who got the change of address card in the mail emailed to say that the tiger in the photo almost looked real. Friends, this tiger was very real, very alive, and very hungry. Momentary current misery aside, we are so grateful to live abroad and be able to travel to places to experience things we never could in America.

Misery fades. Memories of feeding a baby tiger? They linger on.

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  1. I knew it was real! I'm sorry to hear about all the problems and mishaps! Sigh.. life isn't easy in the States either. Praying that it'll get better!


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