Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dear Young Self

While searching Google for something, I found myself among the search results! More on that in a second...

I admit that as I watch my kids struggle in areas that I too struggled with as a child, I want to make things easier for them. But just like helping a baby bird escape its shell will cripple it from ever flying, so too will me stepping in to smooth their path. They need the struggle to give them the motivation and freedom to go where they want to go.

My oldest asked me a week ago in a late night taxi ride home what I would do if I could do anything. Without hesitation I told him I was already doing it- living internationally, traveling every chance we get, learning another new language, and writing all about it. I'm reminded of conversations with my Mom and Dad in my early years when I would drive them to distraction and they would lift their arms in frustration and ask me "whatever are we going to do with you" with a deep sigh. My cheeky answer was, "Send me to Germany!"

I did go to Germany many years ago, and over a dozen other places since then. Awesome how my childhood longings came to pass. Thanks Mom and Dad for not making life too easy, so I would have the strength to live the life I'm living today.

Here's a Tweet of mine from a year ago, which was one of the search results on Google. What would you tell your young self if you could?

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