Monday, August 13, 2012

Comfort Food

We've been in Shanghai for just shy of three months and I just came down with my first cold/sinus infection. Frankly, I'm surprised it took this long, with all the hacking and spitting and coughing that goes on around this town. If you're a germaphobe, this is not the town for you.

Since arriving here, we've had about a hundred soup and meat-filled dumplings, the cuisine that this region is most famous for. And I love them, they are great, both cheap and filling. But I've been missing the cuisine more popular down in southern China, Cantonese food. Specifically I've been missing the BBQ pork that hangs in every shop and restaurant window in Macau and Hong Kong, generally alongside a goose and a few ducks complete with feet and bills. This pork is served sliced up with a sticky-sweet sauce that almost makes it a dessert. I've been craving it!

My cravings were fulfilled yesterday when we found a tiny restaurant in the basement of China's tallest building, the Shanghai World Financial Center, which serves Hong Kong style Cantonese food. We ordered fried rice with preserved meats, sweet and sour pork, and my favorite meal of all, the BBQ pork with that sticky-sweet sauce. My stomach was happy. My heart was happy. My wallet was happy (as it was about $4 USD). Now if I could just make my sinuses happy...

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