Monday, July 23, 2012

Snail Mail

This morning was pretty rough. It's Monday, which never helps.

The boys were cranky during Mandarin class (neither did their homework, bad boys).

The dog peed on a throw rug which I'd literally just pulled out of the dryer.

I tripped and dropped a kettle of boiling water, which poured all over my hands and arms (the fact that I'm not covered in blisters is miraculous). As the water kettle fell, it knocked over a brand new box of cereal, which I'd just opened to pour into a Tupperware canister, as well as a full container of coffee, and the bucket of ice from the freezer, which together exploded all over the stovetop, counter, the backsplash, the oven, the floor, and a box of groceries which had been delivered earlier, but not yet put away.

The mess was substantial, and my feelings of frustration were compounded by the fact that I had an interview with an Ayi (Chinese word for auntie, which is a domestic helper, maid, housekeeper, nanny, etc.) who was scheduled to walk through my door in 30 minutes.

I really, desperately wanted this person to be a good fit. I'm not sure a disaster area like my kitchen was going to make the best impression on a potential employee. She'd either run screaming or charge me double. So I scrubbed and cleaned and mopped and tossed the throw rug right back into the wash.

The Ayi arrived and sat down, and my doorbell rang once again. I opened the door to my favorite sight: the postman with a package addressed to me!

Once the interview was over (she'll start tomorrow on a trial basis), I opened the box to find my friend Diana from Macau, who recently repatriated to the States, had sent me a box of my favorite candies, Tangerine Jelly Bellies! I felt so loved and immediately the day turned around. I love mail more than anything! Considering the postage cost about $20 USD, I will savor them and make them last as long as possible!

For friends who regularly get postcards and Christmas cards from us, you'll be getting a wild change of address card from us with all our new details very soon! Postage is extremely expensive here, so stick to letters or postcards if you really want to send us something! Though I would never, ever turn away Tangerine Jelly Bellies!

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  1. Can't wait for the new address. I got something to send. Will it be cheaper and quicker to send a package from HK to you?


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