Monday, July 9, 2012

Circle of (Plant) Life

When we left Los Angeles a year ago, we gave all our houseplants to a previous next door neighbor, Verity, who has a green thumb like no other.

In Macau, we were the recipients of a selection of houseplants from one of the departing stage managers of Cirque du Soleil's Zaia.

When we moved from Macau to Shanghai, we bestowed the stage manager's plants upon the family who was also taking on our domestic helper, Daisy (another person with a blessedly green thumb).

Today I got half a dozen plants from a family leaving Shanghai for Bangalore, India.

Does anyone in the international community actually buy greenery, or are we all playing musical plants as we move around the globe? I'm not great at always keeping them alive, but it's nice to have a little green to freshen up the place. Especially in the city.
Same cross-stitch made by my Mother-in-law,
same framed photos of my babies
(l-r: me and baby Nathan, me and baby brother, me and baby Ben),
new flat, new itty-bitty plant.

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