Saturday, May 26, 2012


Our first full day in Shanghai was packed. We were met by the relocation representative and a driver, who took us to open a bank account, visit a dozen grocery stores, drive by possible housing, check out the local medical centre and meet a doctor or two, get a sim card and phone plan for my iPhone, get a second sim card at another location for Michael, sit through an orientation on adjusting to life in Shanghai, lunch, a scenic drive around the French Concession and the Bund, and then a drive back across the river to our house. Whew!

Through it all, the boys were champs. They asked intelligent questions about why the government does certain things, ate every bite of lunch, seemed interested and in awe of their surroundings, and didn't complain once about how long things were taking. I think they were a little happy with all the stops, as it meant they could pull out their iTouches and build tiny towers or whatever kids are doing these days. I wish they were like this everyday, but if they had to pick one day to be on extra good behavior, I'm glad it was the first day in our new country.

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  1. What a blessing to have great behaved kids!!! Glad you all made it through the to wait for your stuff and your doggie. :o)


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