Monday, May 14, 2012

Tuk Tuk

We have a restaurant in Macau called Tuk Tuk Thai. It's tasty and cheap Thai food.

Today we saw many Thai Tuk Tuks, three wheeled open-air passenger vehicles you can use like a taxi. We made sure to take a photo, but we passed on the ride and just hired a private car and driver to take us all over Bangkok. The cost? About $30 USD to have someone drive us everywhere we wanted to go (and recommend places we might like), and then wait around while we explored and took our time. Not bad considering he was with us for nearly eight hours and gave us lots of insight into Thai culture and history. It sure helped us make the most of our limited time in this city.

We all nearly nodded off in the car- Macau is so tiny that all car trips are generally ten minutes or less. Tonight the ride back to our hotel was nearly an hour and we were fighting the urge to snooze as the tires on the highway hummed us a lullaby! I don't think sleeping on a Tuk Tuk is possible... You might fall out, and all the bugs pelting your face would likely keep you awake!

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