Saturday, May 26, 2012

Temporary digs

We get to spend our first month in Shanghai in temporary housing while we look for a more permanent home. Permanent is a ridiculous word to use to describe any place we live! The company has put us up in a three bedroom, three bathroom, multi-story townhouse. It feels amazing to have a front door and a back door which both open to a yard and green space rather than stairs and an elevator!

One photo shows us checking in with half the luggage we brought, the other is the boys playing in the communal backyard as seen from our bedroom window.

You know what's nice? Kids coming inside with mud on their legs, dirt under their fingernails, and scrapes from tree branches on their arms. Every place for kids to play in Macau is cemented over and carefully planned. The boys never got dirty. Sweaty, yes. Now they are changing clothes twice a day because they are caked with dirt. Isn't that what childhood is supposed to be like? Though I won't be thinking it's nice for long, now that I've lost the person who did all my laundry for me, and I'm reduced to a teeny-tiny washing machine which also dries. Or at least tries to!

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