Saturday, May 26, 2012

Skip to the Loo...

Clever (and non-Chinese speaking/reading friendly) way to differentiate the ladies from the gents when it comes time to use the restroom!

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  1. cute, actually.
    oh, wow! Heather, I have not been keeping up.. i was not aware of your move.. I will be sure to let the students know!
    Speaking of students.. we received your package! They were so excited. Each of them stood in front of the class and read what either Nathan or Benjamin wrote to them. They have been holding on to the notes like nothing else matters. And the red envelopes with the pennies. My plan for the other items - since each and every one of them would like one of them, especially the wooden box - is to have them write what they want, and why. And what they plan to do with it. Then I will choose from there. There was no question about the coffee mug.. they assumed it was for me - being the teacher, you know? And I really do like the apron.. but I figure these would be great items for those serious enough to cherish. Thanks so much for taking the time to correspond with the students.. they feel pretty honored, and pumped up about having penpals so far away... so, let the boys know they were happy to receive their responses.. and that yes, the students have seen your blog pictures of Lucy, and of all of you as well... take care. daphne


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