Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Magic Kingdom

We've arrived in Chiang Mai and checked into our huge suite. Because we had to book the suite (the only room which could accommodate a family of four, though honestly we could fit two more families in here if we tried), we got "Club Level" service. Whisked away to a private lounge for check in, we were treated to mint juleps, juices, coffees, cakes (yummy cakes!), and had the devoted service of four attendants, who checked us in and then booked all of our activities for the week along with transportation. Seriously friends, this is pretty much the least expensive vacation destination, even with all the little extras we are getting!

Thailand isn't a country, it's a kingdom. The current king is the longest ruling monarch in Thailand's history. His portrait is everywhere. Frankly, I feel like a princess based on all the amazing service we're getting! The boys love this place for a completely different reason: The Disney Channel! We've been without it for the last year in Macau, and they are currently glued to the screen in their plush bedroom, catching up with old "friends" on the telly.

We are cleaning up to head out for a big Thai dinner and night safari amongst the wildlife. Tomorrow we spend the day at an elephant camp where we get to work one-on-one with an elephant all day, training, bathing, and riding bareback. The next day we are going into the jungle canopy for zip-lining, followed by a visit with some baby tigers which we get to snuggle (scary, but I think for me the zip-lining high above the jungle floor will be more so!).

Forgive me, Walt. It has been 12 months since my children last watched your television channel... but I must tear them away to make lasting memories that no TV show can compete with!


  1. I can't wait to see all your zip-lining, baby tiger-ing, elephant-ing pictures!!!

  2. I wish I was in your suitcase and could go with you on all these super cool adventures!!


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