Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hot for Summer: Corrugated

Brown paper packages tied up with packing tape is a strong decorating trend this summer, as these images would imply. Or maybe it's just another one of our quirky traditions in the Chase household: moving on an annual basis.

In fashion news, yes your eyes aren't fooling you. Our dog is wearing a pink tee in one of these photos. I am not one for putting clothes on animals (though my childhood kitty, Fluffy, might tell you otherwise), but we took Lucy in to the groomers and asked for a short summer cut since its so hot and humid and uncomfortable for dogs with long curly hair. There's a joke in Macau that if you ask for shoulder-length hair, you get ear-length (I'm a perfect example of that), and I guess in Macau if you ask for your dog to have a short summer cut it's code for "shave to the skin." So now our dog who was just panting in the heat is now shaking and shivering in the air con which is running overtime in our house to keep down the body odor of the gang of movers pushing those boxes around. She looks less like a fluffy puppy and more like a naked mole rat. So we got her a tee made from a towel and she's no longer shaking. But her pride is shaken. Or maybe that's my pride...

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  1. We finally did the same thing for Maisy. She hadn't gotten clipped for a long time and the groomer shaved her down (my request). This was in March. The weather was nice the day we shaved her but the next week it was cold. Maisy was shivering so bad. I finally took an old sweatshirt of Camryn's and made Maisy a sweatshirt. I swore I would never put clothes on my dog, but she was just so cold. I don't think she liked it, but at least I didn't feel as bad for her.


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