Monday, May 7, 2012

Hip Asian Teens

More photographic evidence proving Asian teens are cooler than the rest of us. This guy is rocking furry Adidas (with tails!) paired with camo shorts, a wrist band, and a man purse, all while listening to his iTouch on giant headphones. I'll bet he's listening to a band that doesn't even exist yet. He just got off the bus.. His tee had Hello Kitty surrounded by flames. Wasn't quick enough to click a pic of it. I salute you, hip Asian teenager. You make the rest of us look square, and not in the currently trendy way...

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  1. Heather, Those headphones are the hottest item in town right now. Sold through Groupon two weeks ago at MOP 1,000 instead of MOP 2,000.
    Check this link
    PS: Love your blogs all the time;)


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