Monday, May 21, 2012


We're back home in Macau. Though the number of days we can call Macau home are dwindling rapidly. I have much more to post on Thailand (Elephants! Zip-lining!), but it will have to wait a week as we do the last minute disconnecting of computers and canceling of Internet service and just all the many little details that must be taken care of in the days leading up to a move.

In the morning we head to the China Foreign Affairs office and turn in a ream of paperwork to get our resident visas to enter and live in China. Also in the morning, the movers arrive and pack up our belongings. In the afternoon we pick up the paperwork that will allow us to bring our dog out of Macau and into China. Wednesday the movers return to collect everything they've packed, and then mid-day Thursday we're on a plane to our new home in Shanghai. I'm so grateful for the Thailand holiday which kept us busy and occupied, not allowing us to dwell too much on the immediate future.

I have honestly and truly adored living in quirky, bizarre Macau. I've made terrific friends this year, for which I'm overwhelmingly grateful. Leaving is very difficult for me. And I'm not even ready to write about how difficult it is for my kids (currently up past their bedtime, crying on Daddy's shoulder about not wanting to leave).

Thursday will be rough. But today was challenging enough. We had to relinquish our passports to Macau Immigration for the day, who cancelled our visas in bright red ink. Tonight I feel like we're in limbo. One visa cancelled, the other not yet affixed into our passport pages. And now back to packing so my hands can be as busy as my mind...

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