Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sorry friends. It's been awhile, hasn't it? So much on the mind lately as a series of unfortunate events hit us recently, including the unexpected passing of Michael's aunt Earlene, one of my favorite (email) pen pals on our adventures around the globe. We've had a bunch of social engagements and visiting guests. It's also tax season and I've been buried in paperwork for our production company back in the States. At the end of the day I'm sick of sitting in front of the computer and just too exhausted to write!

Chinese New Year came and just went, and surprised me with how incredibly busy things became here. A common question around town was, "What are your plans for Chinese New Year?" My answer was, "Do I need plans?" I didn't do much except take photos, but I did send the boys to shoot off fireworks with a friend. The photos they brought back made me glad I wasn't there... I'm sure I would have said they had to leave for safety's sake!

We had a significant drop in temperature, with lows at 5c/40F and I can't describe just how very cold that is. I know last time I complained about the weather, I got a lot of ribbing about how that isn't cold, you don't know what cold is, it snows here - now that's cold, etc. The unfortunate truth is that construction methods here use cement. Very thick cement. When the temperature drops, the cement absorbs all that cold and you will find it is actually cooler in the house than outside the house. There is no drywall or insulation. It's like living in a meat locker, you can see your breath indoors. Almost none of the housing in Macau has heating. The solution is to buy an electrical space heater and blast it at your body while wearing lots of layers. We are ridiculously fortunate to actually have air conditioner units that also provide heat, a marvel that has our long-term Macau resident friends green with envy. We had a lot of company because we have the warmest house in Macau! Which means that our puppy has been very socialized in the last few weeks! Nothing like a warm, sleeping puppy on your lap on a freezing day! And Lucy doesn't discriminate, if you're sitting, she'll sleep on you.

That's it for me for now. I'll try to get my act together and post some photos of the amazing spectacle of Chinese New Year in Macau. And I'll leave you with a Lucy photo. In a bid to convince me to let the dog sleep in their room, the boys have taken to trying to camouflage her among their stuffed animals, which she doesn't mind one bit.


  1. Looks like a cute stuffed animal!

  2. What no heat?!?! Sounds like my parent's house. They wear their jackets inside the house and if the sun is out it is definitely colder inside than outside. Lucy is a-dor-a-ble!!!!


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