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A time to mourn

It seems like every time I'm working on a post a little more Macau-related, something comes up and derails it (stomach bug anyone?). Tonight Michael and the boys are having a three hour movie marathon with the intention of giving me time to write in peace. But right now there is anything but peace in my head or my heart.

Can I just share that I'm really disliking Facebook right now? I already shared with you how just two weeks ago we lost Michael's Aunt Earlene. What I didn't share with you is how we found out about her passing: via a cousin's post on Facebook. I saw it first and told Michael personally before he opened Facebook and saw it himself.

Shortly after we were married, I lost my last grandparent.  Michael found out earlier in the day from my Mom, and instead of calling me at work, he made dinner and set out the nice china so when I walked through the door he was there to welcome me with a beautiful spread and open arms to tell me I was a girl who'd lo…

Mail Call!

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day to those of you who celebrate it. We call it Fish-N-Chips day and go out for fish (see here for why). We've been scoping out the pubs in Macau for months to find good fish-n-chips, but I got hit with the absolutely most miserable stomach bug over the weekend (truly horrible, I'm trying to block it out) and there was no way my digestive system was going to allow anything deep fried anywhere near it. So we made alternate plans for something a little more... bland. Not a huge loss, I get a date night with my handsome husband every week.

But here's the big news... on Monday evening, we checked the mail box and found FOUR package notification slips. This caused my mail-loving heart to pound like a cannon (though it may have just been dehydration from all the throwing up). Mail takes forever to get to Macau from the United States. We actually got our most recent Christmas card, which was mailed prior to Christmas, the first week of Februar…


Sorry friends. It's been awhile, hasn't it? So much on the mind lately as a series of unfortunate events hit us recently, including the unexpected passing of Michael's aunt Earlene, one of my favorite (email) pen pals on our adventures around the globe. We've had a bunch of social engagements and visiting guests. It's also tax season and I've been buried in paperwork for our production company back in the States. At the end of the day I'm sick of sitting in front of the computer and just too exhausted to write!

Chinese New Year came and just went, and surprised me with how incredibly busy things became here. A common question around town was, "What are your plans for Chinese New Year?" My answer was, "Do I need plans?" I didn't do much except take photos, but I did send the boys to shoot off fireworks with a friend. The photos they brought back made me glad I wasn't there... I'm sure I would have said they had to leave for saf…