Monday, January 9, 2012


Direct quote from my son Nathan, "I never dreamed that growing up without a dog by my side would actually be part of my childhood memories. We can change that, Mom. Let's just stay in Macau and stop all this crazy moving."

We came thisclose to taking in a cat whose owners had to depart Macau and couldn't take it to their next destination. Michael, who is terribly allergic to cats, was actually quite enthusiastic about it. Another person stepped up first. Which is fine. If we really want to adopt a cat, there will be another one in about two seconds. We've had cats before (Michael's allergy and all). They are self-sufficient and low maintenance, both helpful traits when you're not home all the time. Dogs on the other hand... they need training, and walking, and more attention. Especially when you live in a high rise building. This doesn't dissuade the hundreds of dog owners we see out walking their canine pals every single day here in Macau. I grew up with dogs, so I understand what Nathan is saying.

There are several animal shelters here, all in need of volunteers to walk dogs and such. I think we'll start there. Let them spend some time taking care of dogs that don't have to come home with us at night. See if this is more than a passing phase (obsession).

This life of ours has a lot of great benefits. Being pet-friendly is not on the list. I'll say again what I said to Nathan, "We'll see."

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