Thursday, January 5, 2012


I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, and if anywhere in this world is home to me, that is it. One of the reasons why the rent there is so high has to do with the glorious winter weather. My friends back in So Cal are littering up Facebook with screenshots of today's high, 85F. I used to be one of them, flaunting it by texting my friends in the snow-covered mid-west pics of my open windows in January, or my Christmas Day sunburn from spending the day at the beach. But not today. Today I'm sitting outside in 40-ish degree weather while the boys have tennis, shivering in the monsoon winds coming in from across the water, wearing layer upon layer of clothing that still isn't enough to keep out the chill.

Winter in Macau is short, or so I've been told. But not short enough for this Angeleno with really thin blood and inappropriate cold weather attire. I promise I will not complain about the smoldering heat and humidity come summer. I will rejoice. Hold me to it, people! In the meantime, somebody just hold me. I need the body heat!

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  1. Nope... not in NorCAL... still very cold!! My heater's blarin' at 73. But still no snow. :(


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