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Meet The Duchess

I have two small obsessions.
#1 The color Green 

#2 Alice in Wonderland

For Christmas, I got something that combined the two:

The green part is pretty obvious. But you're not getting the Alice connection, right? I'll get to that.

A year or two ago, this little (big!) beauty popped up on my home page and I gasped at the gloriousness of its bright green color. I put it on my wish list, not even knowing what a "Dutch Oven" was. I simply knew that if I had something as beautiful as that, it could prove to inspire me to spend more time in the kitchen. My husband secretly agreed (he loves my cooking way more than I like to cook) and the next time he bought something from Amazon, he bought this too. Not wanting to give me a cooking pot in the middle of the year for no reason, he taped up the box and wrote "For Heather, Christmas." In the last year I have moved the very heavy box from place to place in the house. What is in that heavy box?, I repeatedly …

Our 2010 Christmas Card

For the first time ever, we had something other than the self-timer button on the camera to capture our family photo for our annual Christmas card. The lovely and talented Danielle of Danielle Kanka Photography captured this shot (and a lot of others, click on her link to see more) on the campus of William Carey International University in Pasadena, California. If you've seen our past Christmas card photos, you know we can never get away with just a simple, traditional shot without someone saying they are disappointed (to see past years, click here). This one was fun and perfectly captures us as a family. I've already got the 2011 idea ready to go!