Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh No!

We're back from our holiday in the Philippines. It was the most spectacular family vacation we've taken in at least six years, and the first week-long family vacation we've taken in eight years. Between my husband and I and our three cameras plus two iPhones, we took almost 1,500 photos. I promise to share, soon. But only the best of them, I promise! We brought back some souvenirs: I managed to break another toe (but it was on the top of a volcano so at least it's a sorta-cool story, better than my last broken toe where I just kicked a wall), Benjamin got bronchitis, and Michael and Nathan are still nursing colds that appeared the day we got back. Four days after we came home, my stomach decided to reject everything I tried to eat, and I spent 48 hours throwing up, followed by 48 hours where the room would spin every time I tried to sit up. However, even with all that, the joy of our spectacular vacation cannot be dimmed!

However, tonight my normal, everyday joy is dim. And my stomach is once again in knots. I managed to lose my iPhone while getting out of a taxi, which sped off before I was even fully out the door. My taxi riding ritual is to always check the seat as I get out, as the boys are guilty of leaving something behind about 10% of the time. But this guy was in a hurry, it was dark, traffic was crazy and he was frustrated, and I had my arms full of packages so I was slow to stand up. He practically ran me over to get away. Seconds later I discovered my phone must have fallen out of my pocket, as it was there when I sat down. Once again I am in eternal debt to Michael's fabulous assistant Jennifer who immediately started calling all the Cantonese-speaking taxi dispatchers to try and track my driver down. It was rush hour and I didn't get his taxi number, so no luck so far. 

I'm hoping and praying that who ever finds it will do the right thing and return it. That would be awesome, right? We'll see. All my contacts are saved in iCloud, but none of the photos I took today managed to make it to safety. And I took some today that were really important and their potential loss stings. Yes, I have the "Find my iPhone App." No, it did not find my iPhone. And yes, I already called to suspend the service.

We managed to make it Hong Kong this week to see a show (thanks Mom and Dad for the excellent Christmas gift of theatre tickets!) and visit Hong Kong Disneyland while all their Christmas decorations were up. To show how useful my iPhone has become, I didn't even take my DSLR camera with me this trip, and I only took three photos on my little digital Cannon. But I took about 50 pics on my phone. I'll leave you with my favorite, which I call my MTR Family Portrait:

Hoping and praying like crazy I get to put up a post tomorrow called "Oh Yes!" to report the happy reunion I hope to have with my phone!

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  1. OH NO!!!!There is so much on mine that I'd feel like I'm losing my life!Really hope you find it!


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