Thursday, September 22, 2011


Michael is working crazy/nutty/insane hours. Long hours for him are nothing new, but right now I fear he's on a quick path to burning out. I smell smoke. This week (and last week and I think the week before) he only had one day off. This week his day off was Wednesday. So what did we do?

We went to Disneyland of course!

It was a quick day trip and we managed to fit in everything there is to do at Disneyland. The school year has begun in Hong Kong and the park was empty. No waiting for Space Mountain? More please! On top of that, the weather was amazing. There is an undertone of autumn in the breeze, but I'd say it feels just like summer in our old beach community in Southern California instead of the sticky, humid, heat we've experienced since hitting the ground here in Macau.

I took photos throughout the day on one of my favorite iPhone apps, Instagram. Here's our day, Insta-style.

Waiting to board...

...with my favorite fella.

Driving for the first time in 10+ weeks.
Yes, it was the Autopia.
Yes, my eight-year-old was steering.
But I was pressing the gas pedal and that counts as driving in my book.

Festival of the Lion King. Front row.
This show is still tight after six years. Kudos, cast and crew!

Hong Kong Disneyland turned six years old on September 12, 2011.
But they still have the big five there to celebrate their fifth year.
I can't blame them for not taking it down. So pretty!

I am a major (major!) fan of Alice in Wonderland.
Guests who have been to my house and seen my extensive collection of Alice stuff can attest to this.
There is no Alice ride at Hong Kong Disneyland.
But there is a Tea Cup ride.
I'm cool with that.

Taking the MTR train back to the China Ferry Terminal.
Someone spent all his allowance on an oversized Stitch.
Someone else spent all his allowance on a smallish Mickey Mouse.
But he wouldn't be caught dead giving it a snuggle it on the train. No way.
Mickey rides in the backpack.

Once again we caught the very last ferry from Hong Kong home to Macau.
Due to high winds on the sea, the one hour ferry trip was an hour and a half.
Kids in bed at midnight.
Kids were cranky today.
But not yesterday.
No one is allowed to be cranky at Disneyland.
And everyone followed that rule perfectly.

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  1. Yes, loved the Lion King show. It was well-done. Quick question, you went on a Wednesday. Where are the boys going to school? Or is it still 'summer' vacation for you all?


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