Monday, September 19, 2011


Today marks the birthday of Jennifer, Michael's amazing assistant. Since it falls on a Monday and she's off on Sundays, the boys and I conspired to go into work with Michael on Sunday afternoon and decorate her desk while Michael ran from meeting to meeting.

And when I say decorate, I mean make it look like a party supply store exploded on her work station.

To say she was surprised when she came into work this morning would be a huge understatement. She told Michael she never thought anyone would surprise her like this, not as long as she lived. She sent me an email this afternoon saying that no one has ever done anything like this for her in her entire life and can't believe we would celebrate her in this manner. 

I say there is no way I cannot celebrate her in this manner. After all, she took the boys and I to the hospital with one kid barfing along the way, found us the store where we could get a new Wii power supply after Michael blew ours up, printed out directions to a Mexican restaurant (can't live without Mexican food!), always answers the phone when I call seeking translation for the angry words spewing out of the washing machine repairman's mouth, and keeps my boys' artwork up on her bulletin board all the time. And that's just what she does for me. I could go on and on about what she does for Michael, but the honest truth is that Michael couldn't do what he does without her there keeping all the loose ends tied up and everything and everyone on schedule. She is an asset to not only the technical department, but to the entire company.

So buying every decoration I could find in Macau over the past month and spending a few hours hanging streamers, blowing up balloons, and drawing birthday greetings was the absolute least that Nathan, Benjamin, and I could do. I just wish I could have figured out how to get a permit to have a parade in her honor going down the Cotai Strip. There's always next year!

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

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