Friday, August 12, 2011

This Stuff

Before I can deal with this (hooray for our stuff finally arriving!):

I think I need a little bit more of this:

Because tomorrow we'll be in Hong Kong with old friends, riding on this:

And then on Sunday, we're going to replicate this:

After we walk through this:

So for dinner tonight I'm going to call up and order this:

But don't be jealous, because my head is pounding, which forced me to take this:

But you know what's awesome? This:

This is the first (and only) piece of mail from the United States that we've received so far, with the addresses blanked out of course. I sang a joyful song when I opened the normally empty mailbox to find this precious little gift from back home. This is from my dear friend Robbi, who I worked with a lifetime ago when we both made magic at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. She actually lived in Hong Kong at the same time we did, working on the same project. I'll tell Mickey you said Hi, Robbi!

Mail takes a ridiculously long time to get here. A long time as in over a month in some cases. Every single day I get at least one email, Facebook message, or tweet from a dear friend or relative asking if I got the letter / package / bag of tangerine Jelly Bellies that they sent to me weeks ago, and every single day I have to sadly reply, "No. Not yet." But soon I hope!

Have a great weekend!

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