Thursday, August 11, 2011

One Month

I really want to post every day. I certainly have enough things to post about! We're going out and exploring each day, meeting tons of new people, and pushing ourselves right out of our comfort zones with the choices we make. We've been here exactly one month, and I still feel very much in the "honeymoon phase" of moving, when everything is new and exciting and even the frustrating things are all part of the adventure. I jot down notes in a little notebook I carry everywhere to remind me of things I want to write about, but I'm trying very hard to only write when the kids are in bed. Michael's schedule when we first got here was great for this, because he'd come home quite late, and I'd have several hours to write. But his schedule has shifted a bit, and now he comes home about 30-40 minutes after the boys go to bed. And of course the writing is forgotten so I can go spend time with my beloved. Once school starts (18 days of summer vacation left!) we'll be revamping our schedule which should leave me more time to write. In addition to this blog, I've got two other projects in the works that are gently requesting my time. We'll see how it goes.

Blogger is acting quite strange, and deleting whole long passages that I've laboriously crafted. This happens every time I create a post and put more than one photo in it. I keep saying to myself that I'll make a copy of each post before publishing and then go back and put in whatever Blogger decides to edit out, and then I forget. Yesterday's post included a long paragraph about my brother in law Clay, married to Michael's youngest sister. He works for an aerospace company and he and his family were invited to see the final launch of  America's Space Shuttle program. Before going to the Macao Science Center, I'd just looked at their great photos (which you can see if you click here) which made seeing all the PRC flags on the space craft all the more jarring. It's easy sometimes to forget we're in China, particularly when we've spent the day in a world class museum! At any rate, Blogger cut out the whole paragraph, only leaving the link at the end of a sentence fragment. Lame!

Please be patient. I have so much to tell you, just not nearly enough time to tell it! But this is not really a problem at all. Being bored with absolutely nothing to do would be the real problem!

One final piece of good news: The items we shipped from home will be delivered tomorrow afternoon after spending the last month on a slow boat to China. I can't wait to be surrounded by all those little things that make a house a home. The boys just can't wait until they get their Wii! A month with no video games? Torture for them, bliss for me!


  1. Heather, I would love to post everyday. I have about 10 posts ready to be posted but I was kindly 'advised' by some readers that posting everyday is really too much. "You got to spread it all out." they say. I personally would love to read a new post everyday from the ones that I follow but understand if you get busy and skip reading for a few days , you can get behind. But reading should be easy right? I feel after spreading out my posts my 'new' news turns to 'old' news. I guess when school starts I'll have less to blog. So I should be happy with what material I got. Looking forward in reading your adventures. I so appreciate your detailedness in explaining everything to us. Makes us feel like we're there with you!

  2. Test. I've commented twice without it ever showing up. Don't know why it hasn't been working...


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