Sunday, July 17, 2011

Three Years + New Blog

Hello my dear faithful readers. It's July 17th, which for me always means two things: it's Disneyland's birthday (Happy Birthday Happiest Place on Earth!), and it's the anniversary of this here little blog, Boy Wonder. For three years I've used this space to chronicle the everyday events of my two boys, Nathan and Benjamin, and to write about my experiences as their mother and parenting in general.

I started this blog on a whim one night when my husband was travelling for work in Canada and missing his family as much as we were missing him. I'd just spent the afternoon with some girlfriends who are avid scrapbookers. I felt completely left out of their conversation because despite considering myself an artist (my mediums are the stage, the written word, and textiles), I've never been able to work up any enthusiasm for making scrapbooks. I value creativity above almost everything else, yet those few times when I sat down to try, surrounded by supplies and creative friends, I'd stare at my blank page and stack of photos, then the clock, then the blank page and feel a failure. But the idea behind scrapbooking? A place to tell stories and document milestones? I can totally get behind that. As someone whose childhood documents and belongings were completely destroyed my freshman year of high school (in a story so bizarre and nearly unbelievable it deserves it's own post), I recognized that taking the time to pause and record these every day moments could be very valuable for the boys and their father who was missing so many of them because of his crazy schedule. I figured a blank screen would be less intimidating than a blank page, and voilĂ ! Boy Wonder was born.
The boys in July 2008 when Boy Wonder began - so little!

One thing I've tried to do is keep it about the boys and things that pertain to them or my experience as it relates to them. For the most part, I try not to go off on tangents about things that have nothing to do with them (I spill most of the rest of my life on Facebook). I've been pretty honest and transparent, and wrote about the highs as well as the lows, the joys and the frustrations. And though I was writing for an audience of my husband, the boys' relatives, and the future grown-up versions of Nathan and Ben (gulp), I managed to collect a whole bunch of other readers along the way. I'm not one to check or even think about stats, but when I recently saw the "stats" button on Blogger and clicked it, I was amazed to see the reach of this blog! Same thing when I signed on to see the people who have subscribed via email. It doesn't automatically notify me when someone subscribes, I had to go digging to see that Boy Wonder is filling the in-boxes of a whole bunch of people out there. I'm amazed and astounded and a little bit humbled, especially by some recent emails from people I've never met that were filled with such kind encouragement and sweet words. Wow. I'm blown away. So with that, I have two things to tell you.

The first is simply thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming along on this little side project that has done a lot toward keeping me sane on this bumpy road of parenting and marriage and family. Unlike so many little girls out there, I never spent my childhood days pretending to be a little mommy, and I didn't spend my teen years longing to get married and have a baby. And though it wasn't a long held dream of mine, every day I am filled with gratitude (though some days it's through clenched teeth) that my path in life has included being a mother. So thank you for reading along, especially when there are other blogs out there that make parenting look easy-breezy!

The second thing I want to tell you is I've started a brand new blog. With our life transitioning to Macau for the next several years, I really felt like I needed a space that wasn't completely about the boys, something that could stand alone, telling the story of this period in our life. And I didn't just want to take a hard left turn with this blog, making it something completely different than what I'd originally intended. Which isn't to say that I'm going to completely abandon Boy Wonder. There are many stories that I'll still want to record here, particularly the boys' own reflections about living here (their review so far? Two thumbs WAY up). So with that, here is your personal invitation to join me over at my new blog, Wandering Macau. Go ahead and add it to your reader, bookmark it, subscribe via email, or just check back often. Because I'll be filling it with everything Macau-related. And though Macau is only about 11 square miles, it has centuries of history contained in every square foot. And I'm going to explore it all. So come join me, without ever leaving home! And if you do happen to leave home and come our direction, please look us up. We'll explore together!
Hey friends! We're off Wandering Macau! Come join us!


  1. I can write, but I have no clue how to make a button. Teach me your ways, wise computer guru!

  2. And you NEED to get a lot of page views! You are working on building a chocolate haircare empire! Me? I'm just trying to save my sanity! ;)


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