Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Every time we move, I tend to fill up a box or two with framed photos that never get unpacked. I generally choose new photos to frame and put up in the new digs. There are a few that always get unpacked, like our wedding photo and my trio of photos with me and my babies (baby Nathan, baby Benjamin, and my baby brother). But for the most part, I've ended up with several boxes of framed photographs that move from house to house with us. Instead of moving them as is and paying to keep them in storage, I'm going through them and pulling out the pics to save, and setting aside the frames to give away.  During this boring and nail-breaking task, I came across this photo that was in the entryway of our last house.

I always make a little squealing noise when I see it. Of all the many photos of Michael with his boys, this is my favorite. Look at those tiny boys, aged 4 and 2! Look at Ben's curls! Look at all those baby teeth in their smiles! Look at my handsome husband (without a single gray hair)! Squeee!

This was taken at Disney's Hollywood Hotel at Hong Kong Disneyland during a preview before it opened to the public. We'd just met Mickey Mouse in the lobby for a bedtime hug, and we were running water for the boys to take a bath. We were excited about having a preview day at Hong Kong Disneyland in the morning. And behind all the obvious cuteness, I see three boys who hadn't spent much time together in the previous six months, bubbling over with joy at being in each other's presence. Yes, it's my favorite. Maybe I'll have a new favorite in two days when these three are together again! Can't wait! Now back to peeling photos from frames...

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