Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Morning View

Right now my two favorite things in life are Skype, which allows Michael and I to talk face-to-face throughout the day, and Dropbox, where Michael leaves photos of what he's seeing right on my computer for me to pull up and marvel at. These little things trick me into thinking that he's simply working out of an office in Burbank, and not a continent away.

Here was my view this morning:

A stack of towels by the door, awaiting use at our daily dive into the pool to cool off from the warm weather we're having here in Los Angeles. I'm not going to show the mess behind me. No one wants to see stacks of opened boxes, in the process of being sorted (not even me, ugh).

And here was Michael's (postcard-worthy) view this morning:

The northern-most tip of the island of Taipa, connected to the Macau peninsula by bridge, with the spire of the Macau Tower in the distance. This is the view from his bedroom! The green hills on the upper left side of the photo are China. The urban area to the right of the bridge is all Macau. What you see in the foreground in the center of the roundabout is just public art, there to beautify your morning commute. There are so many things about Macau that excite me, but the thing making my heart sing is despite being the most densely populated region on this entire planet, it is rich with beauty. Even the street signs are far from utilitarian! Throughout Macau, you have these blue and white tiled signs in both Portuguese and Chinese, guiding you as you go. Beautiful!

I don't know about you, but I prefer Michael's view!

In preparation for our move, we visited the travel doctor yesterday. Ben got one shot (Typhoid), Nathan got two (Typhoid and a previously-scheduled Tetanus), and I didn't have to get any. Instead of a Typhoid shot, I get to take a regimen of four Typhoid pills, that make 1 in 100 people nauseous to the point of throwing up. I'm always that 1 in a hundred, so I'm not looking forward to it! But the pills are good for 5 years, and the shots are only good for 2, so I'll deal with it! Michael actually had to get four shots before he left, so we lucked out.

When we moved to Hong Kong, the boys and I had to get 8 shots apiece, spread out over three weeks. Three of the shots were to prevent a life threatening mosquito-borne illness, and they were exceptionally painful. It was so horrible to keep bringing the boys back each week for more shots! They were 1 and 3 years old, and almost impossible to manage as soon as we'd pull into the UCLA Medical parking lot! My wonderful Mom made the 4-hour trek down each week to help me since Michael was traveling during that time. Ugh, I'm having terrible flashbacks. Which make me so much more grateful that this time around was so easy-breezy! Yes, I treated them to ice cream afterwards because they did so well. By bedtime they were near tears from stiffness and soreness in their arms. Nothing a little Motrin and snuggling couldn't fix, and this morning they are back to normal.

We're getting closer and closer! 57 days until Michael comes back, and then before I know it, I'll be seeing China and Macau out my bedroom window, too! Can't wait! Now back to this pile of boxes for me...

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  1. Its not actually out of my bedroom window, but off of our living room balcony. Still beautiful, normally it is cloudy or hazy out, but that morning, the skies practically sang out, it was so nice.


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