Sunday, April 10, 2011


How exactly does one prepare for a move out of the country in one week? Thankfully, whatever Michael forgets can be sent along after him, at least for the next couple of months. I made a list of the things he absolutely has to do to help me out (go through all his clothes and purge what he no longer likes/wears/fits, clean the BBQ that I'm not willing to touch, etc.), and then a second list of things he needs to acquire before he gets on that plane. Today we scratched off the three biggies: steel-toed boots for the job site, athletic shoes for all the commuting he'll be doing via foot, and a lightweight rain coat because it rains 15 out of 30 days during Spring in Macau.

We also took the coin jar from his nightstand that has accumulated 4+ years of daily pocket change and cashed it in at a CoinStar machine. After all, he won't be needing quarters any time soon and it would be silly to store it. We've recently been raiding it for weekly Dairy Queen runs after the boys are in bed, but even with that we managed to cash in $95 worth of coins! I felt like we won at a slot machine when the number kept getting higher and higher!

Over dinner tonight I brought up the subject of what to do with my substantial Alice in Wonderland collection. Should we ship it over and use it to decorate the dining room of our new flat, as we've done in every house we've lived in for the last several moves? Should we store it? And if we just bring the art that currently lines the walls, should I put my collection of antique Alice dolls in storage? After all, what would I do with them in Macau? Even here in our current house they are simply laid on a shelf on top of each other rather than on display.

I looked over at Nathan as I pondered this dilemma and noticed his eyes were wide and quite wet. "Mom, you have to bring the dolls. You can't leave them in a box. You just can't DO that to your dolls!" His passionate speech got me a little choked up. I decided that no matter what else may accompany us to Macau, the dolls will definitely be among the lucky items that make the cut. He was so relieved. And frankly, I find myself a little relieved as well. Not about the dolls... but about the boy. He's ten going on 16, with all the sassiness and snarkiness one could expect from a teenager. Sometimes I look at him with his long hair (his choice) and his slouchy posture and I wonder where in the world that affectionate toddler and joyously happy preschooler went. And on nights like tonight, I am relieved to see that there is still a little kid left in him after all.

Now if only it was that easy to make a decision about the other thousand things we have to decide what to do with!


  1. I'm happy the dolls made the cut. (Good job, Nathan!!) As for the rest, "purge, purge purge!!" and, "When in doubt, throw it out."

    :o)I guess your purging goal for 2011 is turning into a goal for the first half of 2011 since you need it done before you leave. You can do it!!!!!

  2. I love Nathan! And Ben, and Michael and you but in this instance I just want to reach through this computer and through time and space and kiss Nat!


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