Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Every year on Easter, we take a family snapshot (you can see them here, here, here, and here). This year, for the first time, we're not all together, so no big group shot. But we did take pics of each other via Skype on our respective Easter Sundays (Michael is 15 hours ahead of us).

We're kind of like a tree, blossoming out of Michael's head. Nice!

If you actually clicked on the links to our past Easter photos, you'll see one that includes our "adopted" son, Chris, his wife, and his brother. About a month ago, before there was even a glimmer of Macau on the horizon, we told our "adopted" daughter Michelle that she simply had to go to church with us on Easter so she could be part of our annual Easter photo tradition. Because if you're in the photo, you're family. (We collect extended family like some people collect snowglobes). But now that Easter is here, we realized that our photo was going to be incomplete. But, we took one anyway. Tradition!

I hope you are having a wonderful Easter,
where ever this day may find you!


  1. I thought about the sandals when I posted the photo... I wondered if people would want to know what kind of church we go to where you can wear flip-flops on Easter Sunday! If it makes you feel any better, it's quite cold and dreary with intermittent showers and what we wore yesterday was more aspirational than reflective of how warm it is outside! But it's supposed to hit the 70's this week, so I'm hopeful! I'm gonna miss California something fierce! Michael is already struggling with hot humid Macau weather... in April.

  2. I wore flip-flops to church yesterday too. I intended to wear some pretty rockin' high heels, but my daughters had been playing with my shoes (again! Arg!) and I couldn't find one and I was late and... no one really cares about my shoes anymore, and if they do, they probably shouldn't.

    Beyond that, I love the idea of collecting extended family members. We should all do that.


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