Mr. Wonderful

When I titled this blog Boy Wonder, it wasn't because I thought my boys were so wonderful. It was more about seeing the wonder of life through their eyes. Although they are pretty wonderful. And they come by it honestly because the truth is, I married Mr. Wonderful. 
Photo by Michelle A. Moreno

And if you don't believe me, then I'll point you to an interview published today on which features my husband and our company, Cedar Stage Productions. Oh sure, the interview is great, but my favorite parts are where he points out that he takes the kids to school every day and that he got the inspiration for a project from doing the laundry. Yes, it's true. My man is a world class Technical Director, and he also does the laundry and takes the kids to school. Good thing he doesn't mention how he also does the dishes... wouldn't want you to be totally green with envy!

Head on over to and read the article by clicking HERE!


Michael said…
Time the world knew what I've known for years!

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