Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For the Birds

When I was about 7, my Grandpa Rose let me go in his workshop and make a wooden journal cover. I got to cut, drill, and stain the wood. You could add regular lined binder paper to fill it up, and I remember it was my first "diary" of sorts. It's also my only clear memory of my Grandfather, who passed away shortly after. My father takes after his father, and has a workshop filled with woodworking tools as well. I really wanted my boys to have a memory of building something with their Grandpa. When we were up at his house recently, my Dad took each boy into the workshop and let them design and build their own birdhouses using some of his scrap lumber.

Nathan's on the left, Ben's on the right. The little painted one was a kit that Ben put out for the pic.

I love how my Dad let each of them make their own designs, while at the same time giving them a lesson in angles and tool safety. My first thought was to bundle these up and keep them safe forever. But lately I've realized I have way too many things in boxes that never get to be used or enjoyed. What am I saving them for?

So we put them on the patio and we've watched as they've started to weather a bit through Winter and the rainy start to Spring. Instead of putting bird food inside them, we put some on a plate in front. It's been fun to see all the birds stop by for their breakfast each day. Ben had to do a unit on birdwatching for Cub Scouts, so he's been meticulously recording what type of birds come when. We've seen lots of sparrows, a robin, and many hummingbirds who like to drink from the flowers in the garden. Speaking of which, it's time to add more birdseed for our feathered friends!


  1. Love the grandpa time. I just helped the cub scouts build birdhouses last week, so I thought this was for scouts.

  2. My grandfather used to have a workshop as well! He loved to build things out there. He made all sorts of fun things to play with and look at.

    He's passed away now, but I wish that I would have had the chance to learn how to build something from him when I was younger. I think it's really special that your boys got to spend time like that with their grandpa!


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