Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake, Heartbreak

We are in shock over the news from Japan today. We have reached out to contact our friends there and received no response yet. We live right on the coastline of southern California and they closed off our beaches for fear of a tsunami, due to hit here within the next 20 minutes or so. They're only predicting a maximum of a three foot tall wave, so aside from any boats in the harbor, we won't really see any damage. Reports from Hawaii are good so far. But the reports from Japan? The video below is heartbreaking. Hard to believe it is real, and not some CGI footage from a movie about the end of the world. Seeing structures in flames, moving across fields, and cars racing down the roads trying to outrun the onslaught of debris and water are unforgettable images. We're all so fragile, aren't we?

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