Thursday, February 3, 2011

Need a boost?

We are going through a pretty rough time of it lately. It's been one of those days weeks months where we seem to be getting pummeled non-stop from every corner! We've been pretty low key about it publicly, not ones to moan and groan and complain. However, one of our friends noticed something wasn't quite right, and she and her husband went out of their way to do something so incredibly thoughtful for our family that I was just completely blown away. We all were. It was just a small thing, but it made all the difference to us. And it reminded me that we need to pay attention to those around us. Be on the lookout for our friends and family who are quietly struggling and need an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or just some kind words of encouragement. Do you have someone in your life who could use a little boost? Why don't you give it to them? Go on, do it!

Speaking of boosts, take a look at the amazing booster seat below:

I'm dying from the cleverness! You can get one from House 8810 for $25.

The Phone Book Fairy came last night and left us a thick Yellow Pages and a medium sized White Pages phone book. We never bring them into the house, we always simply deposit them directly in the recycle bin (we have tried, to no avail, to get our address removed from delivery). Before this morning, the boys have never even seen a phone book before! It was funny trying to explain to them what it was, and why people (used to) need them. They both agreed that it's much better to be able to access the "phone book" right from the Internet browser on your phone! The cute Yellow Pages booster seat above would be totally lost on them, but I remember sitting on a real one back in the day! This would have been so much nicer!

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