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Farewell, LOST

So this really has nothing to do with my boys, but considering a pretty good bunch of you are the LOST fans that I'm referring to, I thought I'd share this here. Enjoy.

Oh LOST, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Before tomorrow comes and brings with it the end of my favorite television program of all time, I wanted to put down in words a few things I’m going to miss the most. I forced myself to stop at six. A girl’s gotta sleep at some point, right? So here you go, the six things I will miss most about LOST:

1. The Anticipation. We came a little late to the LOST party. It began airing the year before we moved to Hong Kong, but we didn’t have television so we didn’t watch it, or anything else. While we lived in Hong Kong, Season Two started airing in America while Season One premiered in Hong Kong. It aired in the middle of the afternoon while baby Ben was napping and Nathan was at school, so I decided to check it out. For an hour I clutched a pillow and tried to keep my…

Happy Mother's Day!

I love these boys! Of course, every Mama says that about their kids. But I'm also so grateful that I really like these boys, too. Grateful that they are fun to hang out with and talk to and play with and generally just the coolest kids I know. I'm a lucky Mama indeed.

But I guess it's less about luck and more about the fact that I had a great Mother myself! I love you, Mom! Happy Mother's Day!
Me, my Mom, and my little brother. Simi Valley, CA in 1981.